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Crockpot Theatre


Great Ingredients = Great Art

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Crockpot Theatre is a collection of new works created by artists across disciplines. Its premiere was at Phoenix Theatre in Minneapolis, March 2019. Arts Nest was co-producer on the event. 

Crockpot assembles a team of incredible artists - from dancers to illustrators to actors to poets. Each artist is given common ‘ingredients’ they must include in their work. Over 6 weeks, they create a new work from scratch, and when it’s done simmering, they serve it up to you ---with a gallery showing and performance. 

Laura Bidgood
Jordyn Taylor & Kate Liestman
Fernando Nuńez Mendez
Joshua Lorris
Torin Horvik
Dave Branch
Briauna S. Williams
Kate Liestman & Jordyn Taylor
Briauna S. Williams
Briauna S. Williams
Elizabeth Horab
Crockpot Theatre Spring 2019 Flyer
Briauna Williams & Elizabeth Horab
Elizabeth Lueth
Elizabeth Horab & Joshua Lorris
Crockpot Theatre Spring '19 Ensemble
Crockpot Theatre Spring 2019

The Twin Cities are full of artists of all interests and passions. I've been lucky to meet a lot of folks with all kinds of creative pursuits. Crockpot was born from a desire to cross-pollinate between the art forms. 

Crockpot is an event that will incorporate all types of artists doing what they love. 

Elizabeth Horab

Crockpot's Art Director

Crockpot Theatre Spring 2019 had its premier performances on March 15th and 16th at the Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis, and the gallery was open from March 15 - June 9, 2019. This first iteration was co-produced by Arts Nest. 

Performing Artists: Laura Bidgood, Jordyn Taylor & Kate Liestman, Joshua Lorris, & Fernando Nuñez Mendez

Visual Artists: Briauna S. Williams, Elizabeth Lueth & Hal, Dave Branch, Torin Horvik, & Kate Liestman

Production & Tech Support: Lori Horvik (stage manager), Chava Rey Curland (marketing), Torin Horvik (booth operator); Scott Horvik (sound engineer)

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