Current Work

North Dakota State Univ. (NDSU)
Guest Artist at NDSU for Fall 2019 semester. Directing A DREAM PLAY by Strindberg, Adaptation by Churchill.

Also teaching two classes as an adjust at NDSU.
Quad Bod (work-in-progress)
A new play (work in progress) being written by Elizabeth Horab.

"Quad Bod" is the first date between a woman and man. It's a whirlwind romance immediately; the only hiccup is that the man is paralyzed from the neck down.

A romantic comedy.
Art Beat & Connections Radio
Host of Art Beat on AM950 and assistant to the Executive Producer and Host of Connections Radio on AM950.
Crockpot Theatre
Preparing for the next iteration of Crockpot Theatre in 2020.
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